Pricing Overview

We have experience with a wide range of techniques and the ability to accommodate a variety of projects. As a guide, we have listed pricing below for some of the more common types of sequencing runs. To obtain a quote or discuss a project type that is not listed here, please contact us.

Our bulk RNAseq and miRNAseq pricing includes library prep and sequencing as described. Our DNA library prep pricing only includes library prep, as the required sequencing depth will be project specific. Our nucleic acid extraction services are also listed further down the page.

Bulk Sequencing ServiceSequencing Configuration<32 Samples32+ Samples
mRNAseq (polyA selection)18-20M reads/sample 100SR$420$380
Total RNAseq25-30M reads/sample 100SR$450$400
Paxgene RNAseq (+globin depletion)25-30M reads/sample 100SR$480$430
miRNAseq8-10M reads/sample 100SR$360$340
DNA library prepLibrary prep only$65$55

Our single cell library prep and sequencing services are priced separately as the number of cells captured will affect the required amount of sequencing. Our standard gene expression assay is run using the 5' 10X Genomics method, and the VDJ and Feature Barcode library preps are available as add-on services to a gene expression capture.

Single Cell Sequencing ServicePricing UnitUnit Cost
Gene Expression Capture & Library PrepPrice/capture (up to 10000 cells)$1,800
VDJ Library PrepPrice/capture$300
Feature Barcode Library PrepPrice/capture$300
Sequencing of scRNAseq Gene Expression LibrariesPrice/cell(50000 reads/cell)$0.28
Sequencing of VDJ or Feature Barcode LibrariesPrice/cell (5000 reads/cell)$0.03

If you would prefer to prepare your own libraries, we also offer a variety of sequencing options. User-prepared libraries must be run separately in their own lane or flowcell.

Run TypeNovaSeq FlowcellExpected Reads/RunCost/Run
100 cycles (100SR, PE50)SP0.65-0.8 billion reads$3,400
S11.3-1.6 billion reads$5,300
S23.3-4.1 billion reads$9,400
200 cycles (PE100, PE75)SP0.65-0.8 billion reads$4,400
S11.3-1.6 billion reads$6,800
S23.3-4.1 billion reads$12,000
S48-10 billion reads$17,500
S4 (single lane)2-2.5 billion reads$4,400
300 cycles (PE150)SP0.65-0.8 billion reads$5,100
S11.3-1.6 billion reads$7,700
S23.3-4.1 billion reads$13,600
S48-10 billion reads$20,000
500 cycles (PE250)SP0.65-0.8 billion reads$7,300
MiSeq Run TypeExpected Reads/RunCost/Run
MiSeq v3, 600 cycle kitUp to 25 million reads$2,400
MiSeq v3, 150 cycle kitUp to 25 million reads$1,300
MiSeq v2, 500 cycle kitUp to 15 million reads$1,800
MiSeq v2, 300 cycle kitUp to 15 million reads$1,500
MiSeq v2, 50 cycle kitUp to 15 million reads$1,100
MiSeq v2 Micro, 300 cycle kitUp to 4 million reads$800
MiSeq v2 Nano, 500 cycle kitUp to 1 million reads$750
MiSeq v2 Nano, 300 cycle kitUp to 1 million reads$570

These prices include QC via Qubit and Bioanalyzer or TapeStation. *Please note that extraction projects have a six sample minimum.

RNA Extraction ServicesStarting Sample TypeCost/Sample
Qiagen RNeasy Mini*Cells/tissue snap frozen or in RLT$25
Qiagen RNeasy Micro*Cells/tissue snap frozen or in RLT$28
Qiagen miRNeasy Mini/Micro*Cells/tissue snap frozen or in QIAzol$25
PreAnalytix Paxgene Blood RNA*Blood in Paxgene RNA tubes$30

We are happy to provide quality control services for various samples that you have prepared yourself. **Please note that Bioanalyzer projects have a six sample minimum.

QC Service TypeCost/Sample
Bioanalyzer (RNA Nano or RNA Pico)**$7
Bioanalyzer (High Sensitivity DNA)**$9
TapeStation (RNA, RNA-HS, D5000-HS, D1000-HS, Genomic DNA)$6
Qubit (DNA or RNA)$3

We offer a variety of bioinformatics services to support data generated in our genomics core. This can include a basic alignment and annotation of your sequencing data to produce gene count tables and bam files, or further statistical analyses to identify differentially expressed genes and activated pathways. As the scope of each project can vary widely, we encourage you to contact us for a quote.