Single Cell Sequencing

The Emory NPRC Genomics Core is the proud owner of a state-of-the-art 10x Genomics Chromium Controller. This device allows us to meet all your single cell sequencing needs with high throughput and accuracy. The 10x Chromium uses Next GEM technology to individually capture and barcode single cells or nuclei for downstream library prep and analysis. Each individual cell or nucleus is partitioned within a droplet containing a Gel Bead carrying the necessary adaptors and barcodes to label each cell in isolation for targeted analysis.


We provide several analysis options to fit the parameters of your experimental needs, and can perform many of these assays simultaneously (GEX, VDJ, CITE):
  • Gene Expression (GEX) Library: Reveals clonality, cellular diversity, and heterogeneity of the captured cells
  • VDJ Library: Assembles full length V(D)J gene sequences and pairs heavy and light chain Ig sequences for individual cells at full isotype resolution
  • CITEseq Library (feature barcoding): Allows for the analysis of other cellular data such as cell surface protein expression and antigen specificity to further interrogate the complex interactions of immune cells
  • ATACseq Library: Analyze chromatin accessibility to determine the various cell types and cell states present in your cell population of interest
In order to start your single cell journey, contact us today and view the single cell project page for more information. For additional information, we also recommend visiting the 10x Genomics website, to find tips and best practices as well as examples of how other scientists have used single cell analysis to answer important questions in their own research.