Extraction and QC

Nucleic Acid Extraction

QIA Cubes

The EPC Genomics Core has extensive experience isolating nucleic acid from wide range of biological samples. Please check our preferred sample submission formats, or contact us if your samples are of a different type to see if we have a compatible service. We use validated protocols to extract high quality nucleic acid on our automated systems (QIAcubes for Qiagen spin column-based extractions, or 96-well magnetic bead-based extractions on our KingFisher Flex).

Quality Control

QC Instruments

All samples submitted to the core will be assessed for quality and quantity before proceeding with the requested library prep or sequencing services. We also offer QC only services for investigators preparing their own libraries. Our core has an Agilent Fragment Analyzer, TapeStation 4200, and a Bioanalyzer 2100 for size analysis and a Molecular Devices FilterMax microplate reader for fluorescent concentration measurement.